Ralph Lauren to U.S. Polo: Stop Copying Me!

ralph lauren polo lawsuitMore proof that that there is a massive conspiracy in fashion to take over the entire world. What? You haven't heard of it? Maybe that's because I just made it up. But given the latest move by Ralph Lauren, one would forgive me if I feel this particular designer is attempting a major power grab, simply because he once had the idea to design clothing for rich, preppy people by putting a man on a horse, holding a stick, in the top left corner of a collared shirt.

It seems the all-American designer sued to stop the U.S. Polo Association from using the word "polo" and any images of a person playing polo. I know, talk about kicking the gift horse in the mouth. But guess what? He WON.


Personally, I've never been a fan of the Polo shirts. Don't even get me started on those giant Polo logos that popped up a few years ago on his shirts. Fugly, right? So perhaps I'm just not getting the importance of maintaining the image for his brand. But suing so a sports organization -- where you found the initial inspiration for your brand -- can no longer use their own image and language seems completely insane and the height of narcissism. It's like if I decided to sue all calendar makers for using my name.

Do you think Lacoste will sue the state of Florida? Or Nike will ask the makers of forms to stop asking people to check the box? Maybe Starbucks will sue Disney and ask them to stop talking about The Little Mermaid. Oh, wait, it's usually Disney that goes around suing people ...

Regardless, this fashion dude has gone way too far. And I, for one, will not be buying his shirts anymore. Oh, crap, I forgot, I already hate them.

Does Ralph Lauren have a point?


Image via Bloomingdale's

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