Pippa Middleton Sparks Run on Butt-Lift Surgery

Pippa MiddletonThe perfection of Pippa Middleton's posterior may have had as much to do with her stealing the scene at the royal wedding as her fabulous dress and enviable fake tan.

In fact, her rear end currently has more than 221,000 fans on Facebook, and according to the Daily Star, it has also created a widespread demand for "butt-lift" surgery in Great Britain.

What do you think of Pippa's now-famous bum? Would you endure a $12,000 surgery to get it?


The Daily Star claims that cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60% increase in the demand for butt-lifts since the royal wedding.

It says that one clinic is now promoting the "Pip Package Perfect Posterior" surgery, which can run up to nearly $13,000, depending on what's done.

Pippa's bum is pretty perfect, but so is the rest of her body. She looks like she works hard to keep it looking that way, and reportedly does Pilates, swimming, jogging, skiing, and tennis to that end.

In other words, I'm not sure butt-lifting surgery is gonna give you what you're looking for, hon.

What do you think about the procedure? Would you do it? And if you did, would you go for a Pippa posterior? Or more of a J. Lo look?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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