Maybe 'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour Isn't 'The Devil' After All (VIDEO)

anna wintourIt's pretty much accepted in fashion and magazine circles that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is at the very least intimidating ... at the worst a high fashion-obsessed monster. Fans of chick lit and flicks are more likely to think the latter, since they know of Wintour from Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada story, which was based on the writer's experience interning as Wintour's assistant. But anyone who has feared the couture queen may be in for a wake-up call. Because this week, the Vogue EIC made a video in support of marriage equality for the Human Rights Campaign's "New Yorkers for Marriage Equality" initiative.

Although it's a short clip (like all of the others that celebs have made in support of the initiative), it's powerful. Wintour says:

As far as I'm concerned, having the right to say 'I do' is as fundamental as the right to vote. The time is now, please join me in supporting marriage equality for all New Yorkers.


Maybe she's not a stone-cold beeyotch after all?

Then again, the way she kind of glares at the camera at the end does sort of chill me to the bone! Ha ha.

I do have to wonder ... why now, Anna? What's the angle here? Or is she really doing this out of pure kindness and love for the gay community? Well, she is BFFs with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and André Leon Talley. I'm sure she's also wishing what with wedding season coming up, her social calendar wasn't filled strictly with straight nuptials. Gay ones in Anna's circle are probably much more fun for the haute couture-wearing crowd!

See, that's totally what's going on here. Anna just wants to lend more of her friends her two cents on wedding couture. I'm tellin' you!

But no, seriously, it's awesome that she's deigned to shrug off that icy, aloof persona she sports almost constantly and talk face-to-face -- okay, through a screen, but still -- to the masses about marriage equality. The more voices calling for support of legalizing gay marriage, the better. So, no matter the reason Her Royal Highness Anna Wintour is lending her voice to the cause, I say more power to 'er!

Here's the clip itself ...

Do you think this makes the Vogue EIC seem less intimidating to you?


Image via YouTube

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