Lindsey Wixson Falls Multiple Times on Runway (VIDEO)

Lindsey WixsonSeventeen-year-old supermodel Lindsey Wixson proved yesterday that even professional platform stiletto-wearers can't stay upright 100% of the time.

She wiped out spectacularly at Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief runway show in Cannes ...

... and she was hardly the only model to fall down during the show!

Click through to see the hilarious video.







It's so refreshing to see that even the world's top supermodels can't wear those ridiculous platform stilettos, don't you think?

And I'm so glad these girls were good sports about it.

What I really want to know, though, is what brand of shoes these models were wearing. Because whatever they are, I'M STAYING THE HELL AWAY.

Anyway, the crowd reacted nicely to all these falls, and with good reason -- the show was put on to raise money for victims of the tsunami in Japan.

Other models who participated (and didn't fall, thank God!) were Jane Fonda, Yasmin LeBon, and Johnny Depp's domestic partner, Vanessa Paradis.

What do you think of these runway falls?


Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Video via The Telegraph

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