100 Shirtless Abercrombie Models Are Creepy, Not Sexy (VIDEO)

shirtless guyI don't shop at Abercrombie & Fitch anymore. There's something about a woman in her 30s in white sweatpants with the letters "A" and "F" on the butt that just doesn't jive with me. However, when I was in college, I was always sure to stop in at the cologne-scented, over-priced store to pick myself up a treat.

Toward the end of my academic career, though, my trips to A&F weren't just met with a pungent smell and a draining of my wallet. They were met with ... shirtless dudes.

To be totally frank, the dudes freaked me out. I didn't walk in there to ogle guys (and those guys were so not my type), I went in to buy a bathing suit or a pair of jean cut-offs. A shirtless cheese ball? No thanks.

And it's only gotten worse. Not only can you not walk past an Abercrombie without feeling like you're in a men's changing room anymore, Paris, you know that fancy city, recently unleashed 100 shirtless guys on the streets as a promo for their flagship store. Tres tacky.


It's so ... awkward. There's just a ton of dudes hanging out in jeans and flip-flops, hugging people and posing for photos. This may be a dream come true for some, but to this gal, it's kind of creepy.

Why has Abercrombie insisted upon making their "trademark" an inappropriately under-dressed man? What if we're not into that? What if we find a frat-boy type guy who looks like he just finished playing a round of hacky sack/is on his way to a flip cup tournament the antithesis of sexy? Whenever I pass an Abercrombie, I feel like I'm supposed to be "checking out" the dude, but really, I just feel uncomfortable and kind of sorry for him because he looks like he has a really boring job.

And also, isn't Paris supposed to be, like, the be all, end all of fashion? Isn't it the birth place of labels like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy (pronounced jgee-von-SHE)? Where the crap do shirtless, jean-clad dudes get off hanging out in this fair city? Shoo, boys. Back to the frat house from which you came. I think Sipowitz just totally picked up a keg of Genny Light.

Maybe I'm alone, though. Maybe shirtless men do work for some. Maybe this gaggle of guys will send Abercrombie's sales sky-rocketing. I mean, after all, Paris is, like, the trendsetter of all cities. What do I know?

Either way, though, it'll never do it for me. You can find me in a different arrondissement, thankyouverymuch.

Check out the video:

What do you think of it raining men on the Paris streets?


Image via Jayel Aheram/Flickr

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