Over 35? Then Don't Wear a Miniskirt

A sad goodbye to her miniskirt days ...
After you've turned 35, no one wants to see you in a miniskirt.

And if you've reached the age of 47, get rid of your bikinis.

That's the popular sentiment among women, according to a study conducted by Diet Chef, a British diet company.

The site polled about 2,000 women and came up with these results.

But bikinis and miniskirts weren't the only items of clothing that pollees wanted middle-aged women to set aside.

You won't believe the age when the women who were polled said high heels are a no-no ...


According to the survey (portions of which were reprinted by the Daily Mail), the age at which high heels are inappropriate is 51.

By 53, the women said, you should no longer have long hair.

Ponytails should be forbidden after one reaches 51.

And women shouldn't be seen in any kind of swimsuit after 61.


That leaves, what?

Ankle-length skirts? Muumuus? Long-sleeved, high-necked blouses?

Of course, Diet Chef did include a caveat.

According to Caron Leckie, a Diet Chef nutritionist who was quoted in the Daily Mail, "We are all different shapes and sizes -- the secret to looking good is healthy eating and dressing appropriately for your style and shape. Age isn't necessarily a factor."

Still, though, these age cut-offs seem a little young to me.

I mean, do we seriously get our "fashion grandma" card once we hit our 50s? What do you think?

Do you agree with these survey findings, or do you think these answers are a bunch of bull?


Image via funkdooby/Flickr

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