Danielle Steel to San Francisco: You Have No Style

danielle steel san franciscoWomen who are clearly committing fashion don'ts should not be throwing the first stones. But romance storyteller Danielle Steel tossed out a big ugly rock into the city of San Francisco. Steel recently told the Wall Street Journal that the people in the Bay area have no style. Apparently people don't care how they look, no one dresses up, and "it's all shorts and hiking books [sic] and Tevas."

Maybe the grande dame of racy romance accidentally got on the BART and wound up in the East Bay. Either way, I, and many other people of Frisco, would adamantly disagree. In fact, some of the über-hip people I ran into in the Mission District would probably point out to Ms. Steel that she has no story arcs. So there.


San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the people do an incredible job of dressing up and heading out. Are there moms in yoga pants? Of course. Are there the outdoors-y types that feel like open-toed, foot-forming sandals are appropriate attire while dining out? Yep. But I've seen that in New York City (rarely, but I've seen it), and no one would argue that New Yorkers don't know how to dress to the nines.

San Fran offers tons of style, but perhaps compared to Ms. Steel's collection of 6,000 pairs of Louboutins, SFers seem frugal. Which shows that Danielle Steel is confusing style with ostentatious displays of wealth. It happens often among the super-wealthy. Otherwise, how do you explain Princess Beatrice's hat? Steel hasn't stepped out in a fashionable outfit since the 1970s, but plenty of fashion-forward ladies and men of the Bay Area are doing it every day.

Danielle, I think it's time to go back to ripping bodices, and leaving the fashion commentary to the truly well-dressed. Tim Gunn, I'm looking at you.

Do you think Danielle Steel has a point?


Image via DanielleSteel.com

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