Kate Middleton Borrowed Assistant’s Head & $10 Tiara for 'Do Demo

kate middletonShe's Just Like Us! When Kate Middleton was getting her hair trial on (all five, or however many she had), her hairdresser didn't practice with the Cartier "Halo" tiara Queen Elizabeth lent her for the big day. He practiced with a $10 plastic piece of crap you or someone you love probably wore to her bachelorette party. Samesies!

But not just like us, Kate didn't actually go to her hair trials. Oh, hell no. When you're a future Queen, honey, you don't let Claire's sit atop your royal head. Instead, Richard Ward, Kate's mane man, ran through the gamut of styles on an assistant's head.

How great is that? For both Kate -- because she didn't have to sit through the sessions (although, wasn't she a little nervous come wedding day?) -- and for the assistant -- because, well, that actually counted as work. Win-win.


Let's focus on Catherine, though. She's got the life. Before jetting off for a sexy-time filled honeymoon in Seychelles, she had an assistant getting her hair done for her! You have to have it pretty good if you can enlist someone else to do that for you. Wouldn't it be great if we could have assistants try out other pesky beauty things for us? Pesky things like ...

Makeup trial. I actually didn't have a makeup trial because my wedding was in another state, but if I could, you bet I would have some gal trying out all sorts of smokey eyes for me. Not only is that stuff a bitch to get off, it takes the fun out of donning it on the big day.

A serious cut or color. How many times do you say you're going to cut your hair into a bob then don't because, well, you're scared of how it would look? Enlist an assistant! Kate should just find someone with similar hair and coloring to hers and test everything out on her first. If it doesn't go well, no skin off her McQueened back.

Altering clothes. Ugh, one of the world's most boring things. How fantastic would it be if you didn't have to carve time out of your work day to get your pants hemmed or your jacket taken in? Of course, Kate doesn't really have a "work day," but still, why bother?

Now, I'm sure the reason Kate didn't actually go to get her hair tested out was to avoid paparazzi, but I think she might be on to something. Go on with your royal self.

What do you think of Kate having her assistant do her hair trial?

Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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