Bristol Speaks: 'Surgery Was Necessary'

bristol palin plastic surgeryYou heard it here first: Bristol Palin had some kind of funky chin replacement and is sporting a brand new look about her face. Eagle-eye Ferrier outed the eldest Palin daughter, and a world wide web conspiracy discussion followed.

But now we can stop arguing about camera angles vs. plastic surgery, because Ms. Palin herself has come out and admitted that she did, indeed, have corrective jaw surgery

While she does stop short of saying it was plastic surgery and insists it was medically necessary (ahem), Palin admits that she looks better with her new jaw.

I look older, more mature, and don't have as much of a chubby little baby face.

Well, now, if only every famous person would admit to surgical enhancement. Like say, these people:


octomom star magazineNadya "Octomom" Suleman

We all saw the ginormous, veiny belly of the most famous mom to a zillion children. Then we all got to see her bikini body after she gave birth. Suleman swears she did it naturally. No freaking way. We haven't seen Nadya in the news for quite awhile, perhaps it's the right time to have a confessional piece pop up on Radar?

celebrity plastic surgeryMeg Ryan

America's Sweetheart could be back in our good graces again if she would stop going under the knife and instead go on Oprah and confess all of her surgery sins. We still love you, Meg! We're just a little scared of your face.

celebrity nose jobs
Jennifer Aniston Before
Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz & Ashley Tisdale

Sure they've all admitted to nose jobs, but not really. All three women have convenient excuses, the most popular being "I have a deviated septum." Time to 'fess up to the "I just wanted to look better" reality.

Now, if we could only get every celebrity mom to admit they starved themselves/had tummy tucks/hired a personal trainer for five hours every day to lose the baby weight.

What do you think of Bristol's new look?


Images (top to bottom): Andy Kropa/Getty, Star Magazine, SplashNews, YouTube

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