'Sassy' Grows Up: Jane Pratt Launches xoJane.com

SassySurely you remember Sassy.

It was only the best magazine for teen girls ever created. 

Sassy was the only magazine that treated girls like they were more than pimple-popping, boy-obsessed future tarts of America. And, probably because of that, it eventually went under.

Sassy editor Jane Pratt went on to found the women's magazine, Jane, but again, her women-want-more-than-beauty-tips philosophy wasn't very attractive to advertisers at the time, and Jane wasn't around for very long.

Well, it looks like Jane Pratt may have finally found her true calling in a website called xoJane, which launched today. Read on to see what you'll find there.


Here are a few of my favorite fashion stories currently up on the site.

All in all, the site is slightly disappointing in that it aggressively maintains that tiring hipper-than-thou vibe. Names like Michael Stipe are thrown around a bit too much (JANE. WE KNOW that you're friends with Michael Stipe, mkay? NEWS FLASH: He is not that big of a deal anymore.) and the writers go to great lengths to prove that they're waaaay cool.

However, rabid Sassy fan that I am, I'll take it. It's something different, that's for sure, and this in and of itself is highly refreshing.

What do you think of xoJane?

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