Wacky Mexican Pointy Boots Will Make Rachel Zoe 'Bananas'

Tmexican pointy bootshe Gods of Decent Footwear must be on vacation. We’ve been seeing some wackadoo shoes lately. First, those odd flip-flop sneakers, then Lady Gaga’s X-rated heels ... now Mexican pointy boots

These pointy boots are cropping up all over small towns in Mexico as the must-have footwear for their dance crews (Mexican dance crews -- who knew?). Purple, plaid, sparkly, all with extended toes, some over six feet long. Think elf shoes on steroids and bedazzled. 

You know what’s coming, right? It's just a matter of time before we see this on the catwalk, in the pages of Vogue. Donning my Psychic Mama Hat, I’m predicting this as the Craziest Fall Trend for 2011. I'm seeing Lady Gaga with hers, glittery, with five-inch heels, the pointy toes so long, they attach to her hairpiece. I'm seeing Rachel Zoe "go bananas" over her pointy boots.

I'm not seeing this mama give in to the hype.

What do you think of Mexican pointy boots?


Image via YouTube

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