Gisele Giving Victoria's Secret a Run for Their Panty Money

gisele bundchen intimatesCan you believe it's been four years since Gisele Bundchen quit the gig that made her a household name? You know, as a Victoria's Secret Angel. 'Course, she's still one of the most gorgeous models ever and the wife of Tom Brady, so we still see plenty of her. But her homeland of Brazil will be seeing quite more of her it seems ... thanks to the launch of her very own lingerie line called Gisele Bundchen Intimates for the Brazilian company Hope. The line premiered last week in Sao Paulo on a catwalk; the models were decked out in headdresses, sky-high stilettos, and all the other trappings of a Victoria's Secret fashion show.

On the surface, it may even seem like Gisele's taken what she learned when she was an Angel and is now trying to one-up her old employers. But you know ... to that I say, "Cheers!" More power to her! Bring it on!

The collection premieres May 25 in Brazil, but I hope the line makes its way to the U.S. ASAP.


Victoria's Secret deserves the competition. More now than ever.

See, I'm not just irritated with the lingerie giant because they tout a model who has a very clear and dangerous need to EAT (cough Candice Swanepoel cough). No, I'm more annoyed because it was reported a couple of weeks ago that a Florida VS store cut up a pair of $70 returned PINK sweatpants, after which the customer who returned said pants was told by VS corporate that "Victoria's Secret does cut up some returned items so they can't be resold -- even if they're in fine condition." Terrible, shameful, really. And actually, just last year, VS was caught reselling returned and stained underwear. Wow. Disgusting.

With a track record like this, I rest my case. It's too bad that American mall shoppers have very few options as far as sexy bras and panties go. Not everyone can afford La Perla, after all. So, VS it is, but VS doesn't deserve all of their business. Not with all of these creepy practices that are now coming to light.

That's why I'm rooting big time for Gisele. If she can take what she learned as an Angel and apply it to GB Intimates, while remaining as ethical as she is about her other endeavors (like her shoe line Ipanema), she'll have a successful company on her hands ... and we'll have someplace better to shop for our push-up bras.

Would you check out Gisele's new line?

Image via Photo Rio News/Splash News

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