Kate and Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Dresses Copied: Would You Wear Them?

Kate Middleton Dress knockoffThe knockoff dresses from Kate Middleton's royal wedding have begun emerging. Lord & Taylor is selling copies of Kate's wedding dress, her reception dress, and Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress.

The question is: What kind of bride would actually wear them?

I don't know of a single woman who'd want people to think, "Hey! She's wearing a knockoff of the royal wedding dress!" when she walks down the aisle.

Including elements of Kate Middleton's dress in your own gown is one thing. Wearing a copy of Kate Middleton's dress is another thing altogether.

Click through to see photos of the other dresses after the jump and tell me whether you'd wear a copy of Kate Middleton's dress at your wedding.

A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz created this version of Kate's wedding dress, on sale at Lord & Taylor for between $990 and $1,100.


Lord & TaylorKate's reception dress (shrug not included) will be available for $450-$460 at Lord & Taylor.


Lord & TaylorAnd Pippa Middleton's scene-stealing bridesmaid dress is copied here and on sale at Lord & Taylor for just $320 on sale.

All three dresses will be available online and in stores in July.

If I were very rich, I would totally consider buying Pippa's dress as a Halloween costume. That would be hilarious. Otherwise, though, I wouldn't be caught dead in a copy of what is now possibly the most famous wedding dress in history.

What about you?


Images via Lord & Taylor

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jezsikaq jezsikaq

they are beautiful, i would buy them.

cassi... cassie_kellison

I would totally buy the reception dress or pippa's but I don't think many could pull off her original wedding gown. It was gorgeous on her.

Simpl... Simplicity3

I would buy Pippa's knock-off.

Kristin McIntire

In thirty years when my 8 year-old gets married, she could wear a dress like Kate's and it would totally work. I'd say that for the next 5 years (at least!), everyone will think of the Royal Wedding.  The dress will still be classic then, and she'll be old enough to get married. ;)



If I could I would.

elfis... elfishpirat

I would buy Pippa's dress. But, seeing as I'm already married, problem solved! lol

nonmember avatar Gertie

Maybe one copy piece might be ok. But if you put it all together and dressed the groom in a red jacket.....

Rowena Soriano Gonzalez Aldridge

i'm guessing the market for these dresses is girls just out of high school who have always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding.  all their friends will ooooh and aaaah, and ten years later they will look back at their wedding photos and wonder why someone didn't talk them out of something so cliche'.


Addis... AddisonsMommy12

I wouldn't. I didn't like the dress. It was ugly. The reception dress maybe as a prom dress. But other hten that, nope.

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