Kate and Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Dresses Copied: Would You Wear Them?

Kate Middleton Dress knockoffThe knockoff dresses from Kate Middleton's royal wedding have begun emerging. Lord & Taylor is selling copies of Kate's wedding dress, her reception dress, and Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress.

The question is: What kind of bride would actually wear them?

I don't know of a single woman who'd want people to think, "Hey! She's wearing a knockoff of the royal wedding dress!" when she walks down the aisle.

Including elements of Kate Middleton's dress in your own gown is one thing. Wearing a copy of Kate Middleton's dress is another thing altogether.

Click through to see photos of the other dresses after the jump and tell me whether you'd wear a copy of Kate Middleton's dress at your wedding.


A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz created this version of Kate's wedding dress, on sale at Lord & Taylor for between $990 and $1,100.


Lord & TaylorKate's reception dress (shrug not included) will be available for $450-$460 at Lord & Taylor.


Lord & TaylorAnd Pippa Middleton's scene-stealing bridesmaid dress is copied here and on sale at Lord & Taylor for just $320 on sale.

All three dresses will be available online and in stores in July.

If I were very rich, I would totally consider buying Pippa's dress as a Halloween costume. That would be hilarious. Otherwise, though, I wouldn't be caught dead in a copy of what is now possibly the most famous wedding dress in history.

What about you?


Images via Lord & Taylor

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