Have You Been Snubbed While Clothes Shopping?

Free PeopleI was so excited to hear that Free People was opening a store here in Nashville.

I get the Free People catalogs in the mail, I've bought a few things from FreePeople.com online, I've pimped quite a few things from Free People here on this blog, and I couldn't wait to see in person all that Free People had to offer.

When I went to the mall a few weeks ago, I made a beeline for the new Free People store. I stepped inside its doors ...

And I couldn't believe what happened next.

The store was empty, which wasn't surprising since it was a weekday morning, and two female employees were standing at a table, folding clothes and chatting.

The store is a small one, so they obviously saw me when I came in, but they didn't bother to make eye contact or acknowledge me in any way. I flipped through racks of dresses, held up skirts to my waist, reflected on shirts, pored through jewelry, tried on a pair of sunglasses, and carefully perused the sale racks.

I was there for a good five minutes, often just a few feet away from the salespeople, and not once did either one of them look in my direction or say one word to me.

I was being snubbed.

This used to happen to me all the time when I was a teenager shopping in nicer stores, and back then I didn't like it, but I understood why it was happening. Salespeople just assumed I didn't have any money, and didn't want to waste their time on a kid.

But I've grown up since then. At Free People, I was dressed nicely.  I had a few bags from various other stores in the mall on my arm. I was left thinking that the saleswomen thought I didn't fit their 20-something, bohemian vibe, and so they didn't feel I was worth their acknowledgement.

And you know what? I didn't like feeling that way. I won't go back there again.

You'd think in a recession, employees would be trained to help create an atmosphere that's pleasing to a customer. I don't like salespeople who won't leave me alone, but I do expect a simple hello and a smile from a salesperson, particularly if the store is completely empty.

I know I'm not the only one who's been snubbed in a clothing store by the salespeople. It's one of those things I think we've all experienced. Am I right?

When were you snubbed while clothes shopping? Did you ever shop at that store again?


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Michelle Dunham Menzel

Been snubbed because I had my kids with me (in the morning at the mall when it isn't busy.  My hubby is in the military and gone a lot, so I don't have much choice).  And I don't go back... it's frustrating.  Because I have to take my kiddos everywhere, they behave pretty well in the store, and I don't go during peak hours.

I LOVE Nordstrom.  I've never been snubbed, my kids have never been looked down on, they are always so helpful.  Unfortunately, there isn't one in the Memphis area... 

kelli... kelli0585

You were snubbed.  It happens in places like American Apparel, too.  Once upon a time, I worked there for a week before walking out.  The amount of hipper-than-thou is astonishing. 

redha... redhandedjyll

I worked retail for 7 years. I never snubbed anyone because you never know what they will buy. So being snubbed is awful. I had given myself license to go on a bit of a spree, walked into Nordstrom, and perused the racks, both sale and regular. I had my arms loaded with items, and not one person asked if I needed help. I gave up, dropped everything on the register, the girls eyes lit up like she just hit the jackpot and I told her I was no longer interested in shopping somewhere I am made to feel worthless.Never shopped there again. It was the icing on the cake when I noticed one of the women walking towards us just before I left was the store manager.


nonmember avatar Jess

I have been snubbed. If I don't like the customer service in a place I will avoid it. A big part of the job is to smile and be polite, if you can't handle at least that, customer service is not for you.

nonmember avatar Brianna

I've never been snubbed and if I liked the clothes I wouldn't give a crap if I were snubbed. Generally an adult doesn't care if they're snubbed. It's a part of life and you sound like a teenage girl who's friends ditched her.

nonmember avatar Doll

If i walk into any place of business and do not get acknowledged, i walk right back out. I was looking for a car in the fall, and my husband and I went to a local dealership. He went straight to the restroom, and for the entire time i was there without him, no one spoke to me. Needless to say, i didn't purchase my car there. I went to another dealership that i had emailed first, and they had exactly what i wanted. I went in, signed the papers, and was able to get my car in just a few days. Customer service goes a LONG way with me.

nonmember avatar Doll

@Red, i think that is awesome. How hard is it to say hello when someone walks in the store? It would have been nice had they just offered to let you leave the clothes behind the counter. I hope that they felt like crap after you left.

Jennifer Castleman

I usually don't mind getting snubbed when I walk in.  The other day I walked into the Gap and heard a "Hi, how are you today?" and couldn't find the person who said it.  Finally I saw the tiny sales girl behind a table folding shirts. :)  It's when I actually need help and no one seems to care to offer it that I get annoyed. 

Jennifer Kupper Swan

Snub me, snub me.  I try to shop solo as much as possible (three kids at home) and will ask for help if I need it.  I don't need someone to "help me shop."  I relish the silence and alone time (even if I am in mall full of people at Christmas).   Frankly to be on me like white on rice is about as distasteful as hemhoroids.

Pat Harmon

@ Brianna: It's not being 'snubbed' per se that's the issue; it's that snubbing = rudeness + a complete lack of customer service skills. (Unfortunately, it happens more often now that I'm north of 50!) I prefer not to reward rudeness, and since I'm the customer, I don't. There are plenty of other places to shop!

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