Feather Hair Extensions -- For Your Dog? (PHOTOS)

Feather ExtensionsBy now, you've probably seen feather hair extensions, either on trendy young ladies around town or on Hillary Duff or Steven Tyler.

But Featherlocks is taking the trend a step further -- by making them for dogs.

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PuppylocksYes, dog lovers. Now your dog can sport one of the biggest hair trends going right now.

Puppylocks are real feathers that you can apply to your own dogs hair. They'll last as long as regular extensions and you can either apply them yourself or have them put in at a participating pet salon.

I can totally see the Paris Hiltons of the world carrying around puppies with feather extensions soon -- can't you?

And I have to admit, it is sort of cute. It also seems harmless. According to the Puppylocks information, your dog shouldn't even notice them in her fur.

PuppylocksSo what do you think of Puppylocks? Would you get them for your dog?


Images via Featherlocks

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