Cicada 2011 Invasion: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Wear 'Em

Cicada NecklaceMillions of cicadas are busy mating here in Tennessee and all over the south right now. It's part of the "Brood XIX" invasion, which happens every 13 years.

I'm understandably not happy about the fact that these oversized flying creatures are absolutely everywhere right now, but I have found a way to make the infestation a little more enjoyable ...

I bought this cicada necklace on Etsy.

There was only one available, but don't fret, my fellow cicada-freaked friends. There's lots more cicada jewelry to wear and enjoy this spring.

Click through to see some of the most hilarious offerings out there!





EtsyPerhaps you're looking for something a bit more ... realistic. This Cicada necklace (Etsy, $15) should fit the bill!


Cicada EarringsYou could opt to commemorate the big event with a pair of Cicada Wing Earrings (Etsy, $25).


EtsyOr show your love for our flying friends with this Turquoise Cicada Ring (Etsy, $36).


CicadaGo larger than life with this enormous Cicada Bracelet (Etsy, $24).


CicadaOr wear this fabric cicada as a brooch (Etsy, $34.75)!


I feel a little bugged out right now, to be honest.

How about you?

Images via Etsy

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