Orange Lips: Will You Try This Trend?

MillyToday, Stylelist is waxing rhapsodic over orange lips, which were seen all over the runways during New York Fashion Week, from Isaac Mizrahi to Z Spoke by Zac Posen to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

At the Milly show, pictured above, the orange-lipped models all look fabulously chic, of course. But what about in the car rider pick-up line?

I'm thinking not so much. How about you?


Orange lipstick, after all, is popularly known as looking good on absolutely no one.

In fact, orange lipstick seems to be most popular for covering up dark undereye circles.

For realz.

Multiple websites suggest dabbing a little orange lipstick on your dark circles, then following that with concealer and powder. The orange color is supposed to neutralize the color of the circles.

Hmmmmm. I'm skeptical.

However, Yahoo! Shine has some great tips on making orange work for you if you're determined to try wearing orange lipstick on your lips.

And according to Stylelist, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury claims anyone can wear orange lipstick. Even you.

"This color suits most people," Tilbury is quoted as saying. "It's more modern than last season's red lip and it complements every skin tone and makes your eye color pop. It's incredibly effective!"

Maybe if I buy an orange dress and want to wear it out on a date night, I MIGHT consider finding an orange lipstick to complement it. Otherwise, I think I'm sticking with a neutral lip.

How about you? Will you try orange lips this spring?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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