If You Want to Be a Hot Older Woman, Get Fat!

One of the few perks of getting older is that suddenly you look better fatter. Don't believe me? Think of the stars who have stayed thin -- Teri Hatcher (44), Madonna (52), Sarah Jessica Parker (46). They all look older than their years, no?

Then think of Kirstie Alley or Nigella Lawson who recently said she wouldn't lose weight despite pressure because it would "age" her. And right she is.

The fact is, as we age, we're forced to choose between our bodies and our faces. It's almost impossible to be both thin and keep our faces from sagging, revealing the lines and sunken cheekbones. It's depressing, but there is a silver lining, too. We can eat what we want! Finally!

Don't believe me? See below:


Madonna was hot and curvy in her young days, her youthful pudge taking years off her age, but time and lots of yoga have done a number on her looks. She would do well to drink some whole milk, eat some ice cream, and give up her dieting days because what you see below is the aging process at its most vicious:

Or how about Sarah Jessica Parker? Last year's Sex and the City 2 was almost cruel in the way it focused on all these women who are all way too thin and way too wrinkled. The fact is, "fresh-faced" often means a little fat in the cheeks, some pudge to keep that youthful exuberance. SJP could use some serious plumping ASAP:

Alternatively, there is Kirstie Alley, who is shaking her way to the top of DWTS and looking darn fine while doing it. Here is how I want to look when I am 60:

All the skinny ladies can laugh all the way to 40, but they better start eating cake the day before they hit that milestone because the choice is really theirs.

I, for one, plan to channel Nigella in my old(er) age!

Do you think older women look bad thin?


Images via Splash and ABC

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