'America's Next Top Model' Top Two Finalists Revealed (PHOTOS)

america's next top modelOn last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, we watched as the competition got seriously intense. The three remaining contestants gave their fiercest smeyze (Tyra's version of smiling with your eyes), posed amongst the sand dunes, and even did a bit of stand-up beauty reporting on location in Morocco for The Insider.

Tears were shed as Tyra Banks and her panel of judges narrowed the competition down from three to two. And although I may not be able to explain why the girls showed up to panel rockin' a soaking wet look, I can give you the dirt on the cycle 16 finalists who are up to win a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, and much more.

Who are they? And what can we expect from next week's finale episode? Let's take a look:


Finalist No. 1: Brittani, 19, Pennsylvania

Her strong point: Her runway walk. Brit has a killer walk, which has been praised by Miss Jay. Aside from her sick walk, her unconventional bob has really set her apart from the competition since the makeover episode. It's given her a high fashion, couture edge.

Her weak point: Since Brit has crossed the pond to Morocco, something seems to be missing. Her face is still striking in photos, but the emotion and feeling in her eyes seem to be gone. Call it homesickness, exhaustion, whatever you want. She's just not on top of her game. But Brit's professional nature is what landed her the finalist spot over Hannah last night. Hopefully she'll take the judges' confidence in her as a source of true motivation to bring it next week, and get over this "off" phase.

brittani america's next top model

brittani america's next top model

Finalist No. 2: Molly, 22, South Carolina

Her strong point: Her photos. Molly has taken consistently amazing photos, and for the last three episodes was called first at panel for best picture. It's clear she understands how to work her angles, and just has this soft expression that works. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she has an unreal body, too.

Her weak point: Her attitude. Throughout the last few episodes, we've seen a nasty side of Miss Molly. On camera, her personality is professional. But off? She has negative commentary to say about everybody and everything.

molly america's next top model

molly america's next top model

From these pictures alone, I'd have to go with Molly for the win next week. But after watching snarky comment after snarky comment from the blonde, I'm leaning more toward team Brittani myself. I guess we'll just have to see how well they can rock it at their CoverGirl photoshoot and final runway next week. I love it when things get tense, don't you?

Who are you rooting for in next week's finale episode?

Images via The CW

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