Sarah Jessica Parker Is Bringing Big Hair Back -- And I Am Very Afraid

Sarah Jessica ParkerTongues are wagging in the fashion world about Sarah Jessica Parker's recent hairdo at the 2011 Robin Hood Foundation Annual Gala in New York earlier this week.

SJP, long known as the arbiter of new trends, was sporting this Bride of Frankenstein-esque hairdo, and if she's doing it, well then it's official:


And I'm gagging.

Oh, I think big hairdos that recall the Miss America pageant back in 1985 can be fun -- but Sarah Jessica's take on the look is frankly frightening.

It's sprayed up off of her head in a way that makes her look like she's trying to win a role in She-Ra: The Movie.

What do you think of SJP's big hair?


Judging by Ms. Parker's facial expression in the photos taken of her at this occasion, even she was having second thoughts about her hairdo. She looked particularly strained and unhappy in all the photos.

Cheryl Cole sported a similarly horrific style on the set of X Factor in LA recently, and the Daily Mail also spied Elle McPherson, Jessica Simpson, and Drew Barrymore offering us their versions of Big Hair. I like the look, so long as it's not all back combed off the face as Sarah Jessica and Cheryl Cole's styles were.

If you want a big hair look for yourself that's not, well, scary, check out the photo tutorial I did on how I get the look in under five minutes. I'll admit, I don't do this much because I often don't even have five minutes to spend on my hair when I'm going out! But I like to do it occasionally.

How about you?

Are you a fan of big, hot rolled hair?


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