Princess Beatrice's Wedding Hat Can Be YOURS!

Princess Beatrice's Wedding HatGreat news, hat fans! The hat that sparked a thousand memes could be yours, if you're willing to pay enough money for it.

Yes, it has been announced that Princess Beatrice, wearer of what just might be the ugliest wedding hat ever made, will be auctioning off the hat on eBay.

What does she plan to do with the money? Read on to find out!


According to Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice will donate the money from the auction to UNICEF.

What a nice girl. Personally, I'd be tempted to keep the money, particularly if the palace had just done away with my security guards.

Princess Beatrice seems unfazed by all the negative attention the hat has received over the last few weeks. According to the Daily Mail, in a recent interview, she had this to say:

I think it’s wonderful that it’s had a reaction, it is just a hat after all, and now it has got its own Facebook page and so many fans. 

It’s an incredible response to that hat really, I’m glad it provoked so much conversation.

Princess Beatrice's hat has 136,627 Facebook fans at last count. It also has its own Tumblr page.

That said, how much do you think it'll go for? I think that, given its place in pop culture history as well as the fact that the proceeds are going to charity, it'll fetch quite a bit of money.

Would you buy it?

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