Short Shorts on Twenty-Somethings Make Me Glad I'm in My Thirties

FlickrMy husband and I went to a local hot spot last night for dinner (and by hot spot, I mean the guys from Kings of Leon were sitting at the table next to ours -- this spot was HOT!) and I got a good look at what girls in their early 20s think is hip right now, fashion-wise.


Ninety percent of the girls there were wearing short shorts. Short shorts that were every bit as short and tight as the ones in this photo.

And more often than not, they were wearing their short shorts with a skin-tight shirt.

Let's just say I've never been so glad to be in my 30s.


Most of the girls in the short shorts had great bodies, but those short shorts still looked awful on them.

They made the girls look cheap and trashy. They left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Plus, short shorts are just ugly. More often than not, they bunch up a little bit around the crotch. A micromini would have been far more attractive on these girls than short shorts if they wanted to go the show-as-much-skin-as-possible route ...

And clearly, they did.

The good news for those of us who've moved on from those early-20s years is that it's never been easier to outdo these girls in the looks department.

It seems to me that the older I get, the more I learn about what kinds of clothes look good on my body type. I find that as we age, we become less concerned with trends and more concerned about wearing what's right for us. That doesn't mean we can't stay current, but in any season, there are dozens of trends to choose from. We're more comfortable in our 30s, I think, sticking with the trends that look good on us and avoiding the ones that don't.

As for short shorts? Well, after seeing them paraded about in a few dozen best-case scenarios, I'm now convinced they don't look good on anyone.

So keep wearing them, you 20-something girls with your perfect bodies. By all means.

Keep wearing them.

What do you think of the latest trends for 20-somethings? Does it make you grateful to be a little older and wiser now when it comes to fashion?


Image via shlala/Flickr

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