The Devil Wears Prada, But God Prefers Armani

priestWalk, walk fashion baby, priest robes are by Armani. (It's not as good when you read it. If you could hear me sing it, you would be like, "Dang. That's a really good song.")

So, you know how you "put on your Sunday's best" to go to church each week and then get there and are disappointed because only you and a few others are dressed something fierce? You're rocking your bonnet and your Louboutins when you look at your priest and think, "Man, this sermon would be so much better if my man of the cloth was wearing ... designer cloth." Well, your prayers have been answered because Giorgio Armani is now designing vestments. Hallelujah!


The fashion god designed a robe for a man of God for the inauguration of a new church on the tiny Mediterranean island of Pantelleria, where the designer has a holiday home.

Monsignor Domenico Mogavero, looking ever-dapper in his duds and holding his staff, showed off his new liturgical robes last week during a mass in the courtyard of the new church. Sounds like a pretty awesome church, if you ask me.

I think all designers should supply clothes to people who have to wear uniforms. It would just make life more fun, no? Imagine seeing the UPS guys in McQueen. A nurse in Marc Jacobs. Police officers in Lanvin! I would be ordering packages, giving blood, and getting arrested so much more than I already do. It would boost the economy.

Truth be told, it's not the first time the Catholic Church and the fashion world have been linked. Benedict XVI was named "the Prada Pope" after claims that a pair of red leather loafers he wore were made by the Italian fashion house. The Vatican denied the claims and said the shoes were made by his personal cobbler in Rome.

No need to be embarrassed, Pope B. You're wearing Prada! Take a page out of Monsignor Mogavero's fashion bible -- own it!

What do you think of these fierce new holy men?


Image via fradaveccs/Flickr

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