Best-Ever Wedding Video Ups the Ante for Brides and Grooms

VimeoGreat wedding videos have become a mainstay of the Internet.

As of now, the wedding video that probably first comes to your mind is this awesome wedding entrance dance (that still makes me cry a little when I watch it), which now has well over 65 MILLION views.

But it has some new competition. Check out Joya and Emre's wedding video after the jump, which the Huffington Post says just might be THE BEST WEDDING VIDEO OF ALL TIME.


Here it is:



OMG. Can you even believe how much work must've gone into putting this video together??!!

According to the couple's Vimeo site:

This was filmed on the wedding day, with the exception of a couple of scenes shot at the rehearsal dinner.

Joya and Emre wanted to be in their own music video, and we decided that the Black Eyed Peas song "The Time (dirty bit)" would be a great choice.

In an interview with Junebug Weddings, Joya had this to say:

We divided up the lyrics amongst our bridal party, family and friends so they were manageable, we hired a choreographer to teach us some simple moves that our bridal party could perform at our reception, and we informed all our guests beforehand about the plan to film on the day. We shot all day leading up to the wedding, immediately after the ceremony (in fact, we recreated our recessional so we could lip-synch to the song!), and all throughout the reception. We assigned all the spoken word “dirty bits” to those individuals who would be the unlikeliest of stars: JP Reynolds (our officiant), John Reynolds (our hot jazz guitarist and friend), Emre’s father Ziya, and finally my father Gordon (who filmed his part at a urinal!).

I foresee a new trend in wedding videos -- what about you?

Would you turn your wedding into a music video if you had the opportunity?

As much as I love this video, I have to wonder if some of the traditional "moments" were lost because everyone was clearly so focused on ending up with a great wedding music video.

What do you think?


Screengrab via Vimeo

Source: Huffington Post

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