Would You Wear a Flip Flop Sneaker?

flip flop sneakerOh, Converse. I've been a supporter of yours for as long as I can remember. I rocked your checkered high tops in elementary school. And now, at, um, not elementary school age, I am proud to say I have been rotating the same two pairs of Chucks (black with black laces/gray with orange laces) in my repertoire for the past five years.

But this? This I can't get behind. This is some schizophrenic footwear right here. Is it a sneaker or a flip-flop? I mean, I don't think I would strap these bad boys on to play a little one-on-one in (or play a little one-on-one for that matter). And I also don't think I would -- or could -- slip these on real quick when I'm running out to walk my dog. Neither the benefits of a sneaker, nor the ease of a flip-flop. And they're butt ugly to boot! What's the point, Converse?

You wouldn't wear a flip-flop sneaker ... would you?


Image via Converse

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