4 Ways to Instantly Make Your Bare Legs Beautiful

FlickrIt's getting warmer outside and you want to pull out those shorter dresses, skirts, and shorts in order to keep cool. There's only one problem:

Your pasty white legs.

Never fear! I've got a few quick and easy ways to make your legs instantly look flawless and warm weather ready. Click through to see them.


Wet n' WildMy spring legs shortcut is cheap and simple. Right now, I do this every day. I buy the cheapest foundation I can find at the drugstore (in this case, Wet n' Wild), mix it with a little moisturizer, and rub it on my legs. The moisturizer keeps the foundation from looking cakey and my legs instantly look smoother and more flawless without looking unnatural.


Sally HansenFor nights out on the town, I love airbrush sprays like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. You can even wear them in the rain -- they don't streak! Be sure and get the lightest color you can find unless you have darker skin, and reserve these sprays for night time events. The spray is a little TOO flawless-looking for day.


Jergens Natural GlowNow is a great time to put on Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer after you get out of the shower each day. It's a very gradual self tanner and I've found it works great -- particularly on my legs!


Versa SpaI'm a big fan of VersaSpa spray tan booths for special occasions. For between about $20 and $30, you can get a spray tan that will last 7-11 days. I've loved the results on my skin, but if you have a special event coming up, be sure to get your spray tan a few days before the event, in case it turns out a little too dark or "orangey" for the first couple of days.


Images (top to bottom): Exey Panteleev/Flickr, Wet n' Wild, Sally Hansen, Jergens, VersaSpa

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