How to Get Big, Wavy Hair With Lots of Volume in 5 Minutes Flat

StylelistStylelist recently posted a video featuring a hairstylist in Austin who demonstrated how she gives clients a head full of volumized curls. The method involved a curling iron, rollers, and a bunch of picks ... and it looked really freaking difficult if you want to know the truth.

When I saw the finished product, I realized I've been achieving the very same look since I was in high school -- with a much simpler technique. Read on to find out how I get the basically the same look in just a few minutes.


I often do this style when I want lots of volume and curl that's concentrated toward the ends of my hair- not all over my head, a la the "hot roller" look of the 80s and 90s. It's a favorite now in particular, because it only takes about five minutes to get the look (and 30 minutes to an hour of letting it set while I do other things).

Hair How-ToStart by making a ponytail at the very top of your head -- the higher the better.

Hair How-ToTake very small sections of your ponytail and roll them up in rollers. It doesn't matter which direction you roll them in- Just make a big pile of them at the top of your head.

Bam! You're done! Let them set for as long as you have time. (I used to sleep this way sometimes as a teenager! And my curls would last all day long.)


Hair How-ToTake the curls out ...


Hair How-ToBrush your hair so that the hot rolled curls settle into a more natural look. You'll have tons of volume from your hair being pulled up for so long -- and none of those horrible hot roller curls around your face!


Hair How-To Style it however you want and spray with a little hairspray to maintain the curl. My wavy, volumized hair lasted all day long today -- even on a 90-degree day with high humidity!

Got any hair styling secrets you'd like to share? Tell me in the comments!


Screengrab via Stylelist

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