Victoria Beckham Adds a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress to Her Fashion Repertoire

Toilet Paper Wedding GownAs you must already know by now, being the savvy blog reader that you are, Victoria Beckham is pregnant right now with a baby girl.

And when you're someone like Victoria Beckham, you can expect someone like Eva Longoria to throw you a baby shower.

Apparently, the festivities at this particular baby shower got a little ... out there.

Because while she was there, she created her own toilet paper wedding gown, and it didn't turn out anything like this cool toilet paper gown to your left.

No, the ordinarily-immaculate Posh Spice Tweeted a photo of herself looking decidedly less put together.

Click through to see the hilarious pic!






TwitterUm. Wow.

I think Victoria had better do a little more work on this particular dress before she sends it down the runway!

Honestly, it looks like the party was a lot more fun than your average shower, don't you think?

What's the most fun game you've ever played at a baby shower?


Images via hygienematters/Flickr and Twitter

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