Are You Wearing Pants? Read This and Find Out!

Am I Wearing Pants?You've gotta love this hilarious flowchart created by Amy Sly at BuzzFeed ... and perhaps you might even want to send it anonymously to a friend or co-worker.

After all, with all the pants-like options out there for women these days, sometimes it's hard to be sure ....


This from BuzzFeed:

Every day girls around the world unwittingly leave the house without pants on. Confused at the difference between jeggings and jeans, seduced by the comfort of stretchy leggings—we've all seen victims of GLHP (Girls Leaving the House Pantsless) Syndrome. Am I Wearing Pants? is a self-check guide for girls to help end the see through clothing, visible panty line, camel toe nightmare.

I love it!

And yet I'm feeling a little bit curmudgeonly about the fact that we as a society have gotten to the point that women are going out in public sans pants ... and thinking it's totally okay.

Maybe this flowchart will bring them back down to earth.

Are you tempted to send it to someone you know?


Image via BuzzFeed

h/t: Racked

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