Temporary Lip Tattoos: Would You Wear Them?

Violent LipsIs lipstick just not enough for you anymore?

How about covering your lips in pink cheetah print, gold glitter, or red fishnet?


Temporary lip tattoos are here, ladies, and life will never be the same.

Click through to see more photos of what Violent Lips has to offer! Then tell me in the comments ... Would you wear temporary lip tattoos?


Violent LipsFor the ladies who lunch, there are these sweet pink and white polka dots. A word of caution, though -- The uninitiated might believe those are actually bumps on your lips, indicating some sort of frightening and highly contagious illness.


Violent LipsFeeling a bit ... whorish? Why not opt for red fishnets on your lips? This look is sure to go over well at your neighborhood swimming pool this summer!


In fact, there's a temporary lip tattoo for almost any occasion, whether you're joining the circus or the Junior League. And at only $14.95 for three applications, Violent Lips temporary tattoos are budget friendly for both strippers and moms!

Wondering exactly how these lip tattoos work? Check out this handy dandy video!


Hey. That's not complicated!

Now that you've seen these lip tattoos, tell me: Do you have to have them?


Images via Violent Lips

Thanks to reader Tina for the link!

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