Outrageous Pink Derby Hats Have Fun With Barbie & Blooms

Betsey Johnson

If you thought Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat was over the top, take a look the hats Betsey Johnson has come up with to help promote breast cancer awareness during the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

Nothing says "flair for dramatic" quite like Betsey Johnson's designs, and what better place to don a dramatic pink hat than at the Kentucky Derby, where a ginormous hat isn't only appreciated, it's practically a requirement. Chambord liquor approached Johnson (who's a breast cancer survivor) to design these hats, and she came up with three incredible looks. How fitting that a liquor company would sponsor this, as it'd probably take a few mint juleps to get rid of the headache you'd get from wearing these pink things on your head in the heat all day.

You don't want to miss the third hat -- check it out after the jump.


Betsey JohnsonJohnson designed a Barbie hat (the hat, in essence, is Barbie's huge tulle skirt), a spider hat (a nod to the fact that the large pink roses on Park Avenue in NYC "have ladybugs and spiders on them right now"), and a rose hat (pink roses are Johnson's signature flower).

If you're going to the Derby, you can meet Johnson herself -- it's the first Derby she's attending -- and bid on the Barbie hat at a charity brunch at Gilda's Club. But if the rose hat is more your type (pink wig not included), head over to BiddingforGood.com, which is open for bids on the hat until Saturday. Then again, if you prefer a giant arachnid hanging out in your tresses, check out Chambord’s Facebook page to place a bid and take him home with you.

Not only will you be stylish and oh so fashionable at your next Derby party, you're supporting an amazing cause. All proceeds from the three hats will go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition and Gilda’s Club of Louisville.

Would you place a bid on these hats to support breast cancer? What do you think of the designs?


Images via Betsey Johnson

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