'America's Next Top Model': The Uncomfortable Eating Episode

brittani america's next top modelSometimes reality shows make their contestants do some weird things. Of course, America's Next Top Model is no exception. And although wearing a scantily clad ensemble while balancing candles and teapots on your head isn't exactly normal (or safe), it wasn't the deal breaker for me during last night's episode.

What was, however, will shock you. I'll give you a hint: It involves animal organs. And eating them. And yes, I almost threw up. Twice.


The girls went out to browse the Moroccan marketplace and grab a bite to eat. Hannah, this season's hippie-type, decides to lead the others to a really "authentic" looking spot. Apparently "authentic" means a locale that sells actual animal organs for consumption. And as a true celebration of their status as the final four competitors in Tyra's three-ring circus, they toast naturally with brains. Yup. Eating them. WHO CELEBRATES ACHIEVEMENTS BY EATING BRAINS?! And it wasn't even required! I almost vomit here.

Afterward, we watch Brittani in the confessional, telling us that she feels like crap. Which is strange because I would think that eating brains would make me feel 100 percent amazing. I gag now just thinking about those organs churning around in her stomach.

Personally, when I think celebrating, I think of champagne. We do see Alexandria holding a beer this episode -- who knew that the models were allowed to drink around the house in Morocco? I also think of chocolate cake ... and strawberries. But well, I wouldn't expect the wannabe fashion icons to ruin their girlish figures. The fact that Brittani's internal gastric battle with such a foreign substance could have had a serious impact on her performance is scary. Can you imagine being sent home for being sick and unable to perform? Eeek! Thankfully she was able to still pull out a fantastic photo. Lesson learned: Never eat anything super-scary if you want to win a modeling competition. Good thing I would A.) NEVER eat brains and B.) never enter a modeling competition.

One thing that did make me happy last night: Seeeeeeya later Alexandria. No more fakeness for us, aside from Molly's fake happy attitude every time she's around the judges, of course. Will she be able to stay on top, despite her negative attitude? Let's just hope next week's episode avoids ingestion of human organs, and I'll be good.

Would you ever eat brains?!

Image via The CW

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