Shatter Nail Polish: We Tried It But Did We Like It? (PHOTOS)

OPI shatter polish serena williamsOPI and Essie. They're like our forever friends. The two name brand nail polishes that just about every woman can say she's gotten her mani-pedis done with in the past 10+ years. Well, OPI decided to take on Essie and trail-blaze a new trend in the world of nail polish recently: Shatter nail polish, which OPI describes as "creating a ground-breaking crackle pattern when applied over each dried nail lacquer."

The first time I noticed it was in Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" collection. I thought, "Hmm, that's fitting!" You could totally see Katy rockin' a "cracked," two-toned, funky manicure. (This is someone who did her nails in graphic images for the Royal Wedding, after all.) But then I started seeing that Serena Williams had her own collection, and OPI was putting out even more Shatter polishes. Huh??? This is taking off that big? We had to take it for a road-test here at The Stir ...


Emily Abbate, our awesome Editorial Assistant, tried out the Serena Glam Slam polishes in Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter (these duo packs retail for $20.95). Overall, she wasn't impressed, saying her nails ended up looking bloody, Halloween-ish. "To be honest, I kind of thought the crackle finish made my nails look 'young.' You know, the sort of thing that happens when you babysit your neighbor's kiddos, let them at your finger nails, and can’t wait to get to the comforts of your own home to take off. Maybe in another color combination, this would of looked great. But the crackle red coat, well ... it’s just not for me." One thing, though, I gotta say ... that Rally Pretty Pink on its own is actually really pretty! Here are the pics Emily took -- top with Shatter polish and bottom just the basecoat:

crackle polish

rally pretty pink

On the other hand (hehe), Kim Conte found that when she used Sparrow Me the Dream (a light pink) and the Turquoise Shatter polishes (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection), she had a much better experience. She described her mani as "very glam, very '80s." Think Debbie Gibson meets Bubble Yum ... on your nails! Kim elaborated, "I felt like a rock star that night, but then took it off immediately the next day. It's just a little too much for everyday wear." She also warned that you have to be really careful when applying it, otherwise you end up making a big mess.

But when I tried the other Serena polishes, Spark de Triomphe & White Shatter, I had to agree with Emily. The basecoat (a silver glitter polish) was pretty on its own, but with the White Shatter over it, it looks like you tried to paint your nails with White Out. (You know, like when you'd get bored in math class.) Bad, bad, bad!

Overall, these polishes seem like a big gimmick, and unless you really feel like you need to shake up your regular mani routine, it seems like you oughta skip the Shatter.

Have you tried the Shatter polishes? Would you want to?


Images via Emily Abbate

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