This Beauty Product Has a Surprising Low-Cost Alternative

Sand GoneI've been getting lots of e-mails lately about beach products like this one-- Sand Gone is a special dry body powder that, according to the product's description, "removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean." 

An eight-ounce container of this special dry body powder will set you back $12.95 ... and I have to laugh when I see it, because you can get another "dry body powder" at the drugstore, which will do the very same thing for far less cash. It's called ...


Baby Powder

Baby powder! Yes, friends, you can buy 22 OUNCES of Johnson's Baby Powder from for the amazing price of $6.19! And it works just as well to get that beach sand off your body.

Here, according to "Jackie," who posted the info on ThriftyFun,  is how to make it work for you:

Use baby powder (cheapest works the same) for sandy hands and especially sandy feet at the beach. You know how hard it is to get all the sand free from your toes and feet, legs, your hands. It just seems to cling there, even though you have rinsed in the water and towel dried them. And your feet still feel gritty in your sandals or sneakers. Well, after you towel dry really well, sprinkle baby powder on them and rub it in. It immediately removes all excess sand from your body.

This is especially well when trying to get your children ready to pack up at the beach and go home. And most children, like adults, hate that sand feeling in their sneakers. The baby powder really works. You really only use a sprinkle. It helps with them tracking sand into the house after a day at the beach. Baby powder is a must have in my beach bag. Try it, you will never go to the beach without it again.

And there are other uses for baby powder, too!

  • Rub a tiny bit of baby powder into your roots to freshen up your greasy hair, then brush it out. The powder will absorb the grease!
  • Sprinkle it under doors and on window sills to help repel ants!
  • Put a dab on necklace knots that won't come undone. The powder works as a lubricant to loosen the knot up!
  • Sprinkle baby powder in the pages of musty, mildewed books, then let them sit a few days to freshen them up. Afterward, gently brush the powder out of the pages!
  • Rub baby powder into grease stains if you get a spot while cooking. Keep rubbing in baby powder until the spot is gone!

If you don't have a bottle of baby powder on hand, I bet you're putting it on your shopping list now!

Got any other uses for baby powder? Are there other products you see people spending a fortune on, while you've found a low-cost alternative?


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