Mom Gets Dream Makeover on 'Nate Berkus Show' (Before & After PHOTOS)

Nate Berkus makeover showTed Gibson usually spends his days making hairstyling history with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, but recently he got ahold of CafeMom member Karen Garner -- who turns 49 in two days! That's her at right, sporting the typical boring mom-bob.

Karen got to sit in Gibson's chair for a special segment on makeovers on the Nate Berkus Show. She was one of three transformations and hers was by far the most dramatic. Even though the two other women had plastic surgery or dental work. All Karen had done was her hair!

Karen has "always hated her hair." "It is thin, fine, and now gray as well," she says. "I have NEVER been able to grow it out because it is fine and brittle. It has never even brushed my shoulders."

Well, it does now and OMG. Gibson knew this situation called for one of the best-known secrets in Hollywood -- and he used "Anne Hathaway" in the same sentence: hair extensions. What's a real mom look like after she gets hair extensions? You ready for this?



Ted Gibson hair extensions

I promise you that's not some supermodel they hired to try to trick us. That's really Karen! The theme of the Nate Berkus Show that aired recently was "dropping a decade," and I would say Karen dropped at least two. Everybody seems to think plastic surgery and other drastic alterations are the answer, but as these photos show, the right hairstyle, makeup, and a kickin' new dress mean simple changes are all you need.

Karen admits she was a little nervous walking into Gibson's posh 5th Avenue, NYC salon before the taping and being looked at as the "girl with bad hair." But Gibson turned out to be the sweetest, funniest guy. He made her feel comfortable instantly. He even turned down a request from Kim Kardashian who called asking Gibson to do her hair that day. At one point Karen joked, "Kim who?" and Gibson rolled on the floor laughing.

The extensions felt a little weird at first -- like a tight swim cap -- but as they've grown out, they've loosened and feel more comfortable. Plus she has curls! She's never been able to have curls.

The best part is, Karen's hair transformation has inspired her to take better care of herself overall. As a stay-at-home mom, she sort of let herself go. Now she dresses nicely every day, takes better care of her nails, drinks less wine, and just feels better about herself in general.

She will never go back to not having hair extensions -- would you?

Have you ever considered extensions? Does this before and after convince you?

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