Kentucky Derby: These Wacky Hats Will Get You Noticed!

Lady DianePrincess Beatrice probably thinks she's bagged the Wacky Hat award after last week's royal wedding, but I think she's simply upped the ante for this weekend's Kentucky Derby.

You can bet on seeing some outlandish hats at the big event, and I wouldn't be surprised if William and Kate's nuptials end up inspiring Derby-goers to go even bigger than usual. With that in mind, here are a few hats I'd personally like to see at the Derby this weekend.

This $1,150 wonder to your left is known, appropriately, as the Triple Crown. I like it because it captures the essence of a beautiful bird ... exploding.

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YesufashionHide a full bottle of bourbon beneath this ... stunning hat from Yesufashion and you'll have more than enough mint juleps to go around!


EtsyA mere $218 will get you this Couture Feather Hat, which conveniently allows you to hide a shiner from a barroom brawl, a nasty zit, or a missing eye.


YesufashionIs it a hat or an angel's joystick? You decide.

EtsyOne word. Etsy.


EtsyFinally, my personal favorite in fug is this neon green and purple masterpiece, which brings to mind what would happen if one of Barbie and the Rockers mated with an alien.

Do you have an outlandish hat?


Images via Lady Diane Hats, Yesufashions, Etsy, Yesufashions, Etsy, Etsy

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