J.Crew Catalog Shows Gay Couple As (Gasp!) Normal

J.Crew has been at the center of a number of gender debates of late. Now with their latest catalog, they're proving once and for all that they think families come in all shapes and colors and sizes and that they can wear pink nail polish even if they're boys, love other men even if they're men, and date outside of their race as well. The horror!

Actually, it isn't horror at all and the clothing company, known more for its staid and preppy fashions than its risk-taking edginess, has just gone up a million rungs on my love ladder. Showing real gay couples like any other couple in the world just like they actually are (duh)? Yes please!

The May 2011 catalog shows a number of real men who work at J.Crew, one of whom, a designer, also happens to be gay. His partner is also featured.


Many are reading major progress into it. Cathy Renna of Renna Communications, which serves the LGBT community, told ABC News:

Nothing is unintentional in this kind of marketing. Bravo to J.Crew. It's a giant step forward. As an activist, it's great to see a diversity of images and to see gay families represented in more regular media.

She's right. Just last month, J.Crew also made waves when they showed their creative director Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails pink. Many commentators were horrified by the idea that she might turn her son transgender (as if that were possible). Here's what, people: This is the world we live in.

This is the fashion world, true, but it's also the world itself. And the sooner we accept that and learn to be happy in it, the sooner we can all just put the hatred and animosity behind us and move on to bigger and better. J.Crew may be just a place for great accessories, bathing suits, and well-fitting pants, but they're also apparently brave enough to use real people the way they really are to sell their clothing.

Anyone who thinks this will make people gay or transgender is a fool. This is about inclusion and it's a beautiful thing.

Viva J.Crew!

Does this catalog make you happy?


Image via J.Crew

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