Pippa Middleton & Her Rear Get Their Own Facebook Fan Page

Pippa Middleton ass Facebook

Duchess Kate's sister Pippa Middleton is already all over the media for possibly outdoing Kate at the Royal Wedding in THAT DRESS and even the day after the wedding. And now that beautiful bottom of Pippa's has its very own Facebook fan page -- with its very own fans, more than 158,000 of them and climbing!

I'm all for appreciating a good derriere when I see one, but it must be done with respect. Respect the form, I say. Of course, you only have to be 13 years old (mentally and physically) to be on Facebook, which is pretty obvious by the comments coming in on her fan page Wall.

Let's, however, take a look at some of the best fan compliments on Pippa's rearview.


6 Sweetest Compliments on Pippa's Pretty Bum:

Now here are some fans who know how to compliment a God-given accessory like Pippa's. Sweetly. Respectfully.

  1. "oh la la, c´est magnifique!"
  2. "Good Gracious."
  3. "A perfect pear."
  4. "God Bless!!"
  5. "Makes you proud to be British"
  6. "we really need to clone her"

Do you think Pippa Middleton's tush deserves a fan page?


Image via Facebook

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