New Trend: The Borsalino

BorsalinoOh, those crazy hipsters!

Years ago, they displayed their too-cool-for-you status by wearing straw cowboy hats.

Once those went mainstream, they set their sights on the fedora.

Now that everyone and her brother have one of those, urban trendsetters are turning to a variation on the fedora known as the Borsalino.

You might not recognize the name, but you've undoubtedly seen it before.

It's traditionally worn by Orthodox Jews.


This news is according to the The New York Times, which recently ran a piece on the trend.

The article, which includes several street-style photos of both male and female Borsalino wearers, offers up a few different theories as to why the Borsalino is suddenly popular. My favorite:

“I don’t think the yeshiva boys or the hipsters get their black hats from any kind of religious background,” said Maya Balakirsky Katz, who teaches art history at Touro College and is the author of “The Visual Culture of Chabad.” “It’s all from ‘Mad Men.’ In the ’50s, when the actual Mad Men were wearing Borsalinos, yeshiva students who were living in Manhattan said ‘Oh, this is how to acculturate.’ And that style is back in fashion again.”

This theory doesn't surprise me -- I can see so many trends lately that clearly originated with the Mad Men craze. In fact, the Borsalino is becoming so popular that women's versions of the hat are beginning to pop up in stores.

BorsalinoThis Borsalino hat, for example, is available at Forzieri for a cool $338.

I like the look of the women on the street pictured wearing a Borsalino in the NYT story -- but I'm not sure I could pull this kind of hat off myself. It takes a certain type of character, as one source in the article mentioned, to wear this hat, as opposed to the hat wearing them.

What do you think of this trend?


Image via Bencraft Hatters and Forzieri

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