DKNY Tweet Scoops Many News Media on Bin Laden Death (POLL)

DKNY tweet osama bin laden

Is this true? Did a ton of people really find out about the death of the most notorious terrorist leader Osama bin Laden via the DKNY twitter feed (@DKNY)? You bet! Of course, it's totally possible. I, for one, got word via my Twitter feed, and the tweet I read first was not from a news source but from a blogger I follow (thanks, Mr Lady). And by that time, my Facebook was already on FIRE!

So yeah, DKNY for world news -- who'd have thunk it?


Keith Urbahn, the chief of staff for the former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, tweeted that Osama had been killed around 9:45 p.m. The tweet from DKNY came about an hour later -- around the same time as tweets from some of the biggest news sources, which meant the DKNY tweet reached a ton of her more than 330K followers before the news media did. Hilarious!

Twitter is changing the world for sure. I mean, who ever would have thought you should turn to one of the biggest names in fashion to get breaking world news.

How did you get the news? Take our poll.


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