Pippa Middleton Outdoes Kate the Day After the Wedding (PHOTOS)

pippa middletonIf you're in the bridal party -- or especially if you're the bride -- you want to look fresh and stylish the day after the wedding. Usually there's a brunch to attend, a few lingering photos to be snapped, and it's just not as fun when you're sporting black bags under your eyes, a day-old updo, and a juicy sweatsuit with "Mrs. X" rhinestoned onto the back.

However, it's not always easy. We dance at weddings! We stay up late at weddings! We drank at weddings! But, not to my surprise, Kate and Pippa Middleton both killed it the day after the wedding. The sisters managed to emerge looking fresh-faced, squeaky-clean, and in outfits to die for -- that were super cheap!


Before we move on to Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, let's all take a moment to stare at Pippa. That is how you do the day after the wedding. Fitted white jeans, a royal blue blazer, and a Modalu bag. This is what I envision myself wearing when I travel abroad or go "yachting."

Get this, though. Her blazer is from Zara. And it's $100. I've been trying to link to it, but Zara's server appears to be down -- probably from maniacs like me, dying to get their hands on this fierce piece of wardrobe goodness. I mean, this is a totally doable look. Not sure if I'd be able to rock it after a wedding, still having the spins and all, but it's a perfect spring piece. I'm definitely adding it to the list of things I probably won't get.

Now on to Kate:

kate middleton

Did she have one sip of champs at her wedding? She looks like she could be going to a wedding in this photo. Her hair looks perfectly blown out (which it probably was), and she looks positively glowing (which I guess marrying a prince will do that to you).

Her outfit. To be totally forthcoming, I have mixed emotions about this get-up. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an incredibly lovely outfit, but ... I feel like we keep seeing her in this kind of dress/blazer combo, as well as these colors. Although I'm impressed by her general put-togetherness and taken aback by her laid-back demeanor in this pic, I wish she would have worn a different color. I would love to have seen her in white again. I feel like that would have made a teensy bit more of a statement. Like, "Yeah, bitches, I'm wearing white again today. What?"

However, I do have to commend the Princess for rocking Zara, also. Her dress was only $89.90! (Yep, Zara's still down. Just checked again.) I mean, to step out in a "commoner's store" dress the day after you're crowned Princess? I love that. Although, I have a hunch that it's only a matter of time before the Zara duds are syphoned out of her closet to make way for the designer pieces that will inevitably be elbowing their way in.

A-plus to both ladies. It was such a treat seeing what they were wearing the day-of, this was just like a nice, little bonus track we didn't know would exist. I love! But what I'm really excited about is to have two new fashionistas to pay attention to. It was getting a little boring there for a minute.

What do you think of Pippa's and Kate's after-wedding looks?


Image via Ian Gavan/Getty; WPA Pool/Getty

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