Flash Mobs Now Robbing Clothing Stores

Flash Mob RobberyYou've probably watched and enjoyed more than one flash mob video on the Internet, where hundreds of flash mobbers secretly gather in a public place and surprise the crowds with a choreographed dance or a Hallelujah chorus.

Now, though, flash mobs are forming with a much more sinister purpose.

Teens are gathering in groups in order to storm the doors of popular clothing stores, load up with as much gear as they can carry, and leave -- while employees stand helpless to do anything about it.

Click through to see surveillance video of the latest flash mob robbery, where teens walked out with more than $20,000 of merchandise.


It happened Monday at G-Star Raw in Washington, D.C.

According to MyFOXDC.com, 19 teens gathered outside the store, then walked in and casually began loading up with merchandise, even pausing to check to find their sizes before they left.

Meanwhile, customers and employees stood around, watching them and unable to do anything. With that many involved in the robbery, I'm sure they were afraid to confront one of them. Employees called 9-1-1 as soon as the teens entered, but police didn't arrive until ten minutes later, long after the teens had left.

One employee says these type of flash mob robberies have happened a number of times in the DC area, but a police officer said the number of teens in this particular instance was unusual.

Check out the video to see the surveillance tape for yourself:


VIDEO: Mob of Teens Rob Dupont Circle Store: MyFoxDC.com

This type of robbery worries me -- I'd hate to be a customer when a flash mob robbery took place. With so many people involved and so much potential for confrontation and reaction, the chances of someone getting hurt seem pretty good.

Thank God for online shopping!

What do you think of flash mob robberies? Have you heard of them before?


Image via WJLA

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