The Stir's Jill Smokler in New Target Campaign: Curvy Girls Rejoice!

TargetTarget sent me an e-mail yesterday about its new style campaign for Merona, featuring The Stir's very own Jill Smokler!

Way to go, Jill!

Not only was I excited (and maybe a little bit... envious) to see Jill being styled and made up in her very own photo shoot, I was also pleased to see that Target NAILED IT with this campagain.

She's Still Got It readers have long lamented the attention given to Target's junior-sized clothing lines, and the lack of clothing for curvier women.

Well check it out, ladies. Jill's going to spend the entire month of May letting you style her for various events!

Click through to see how it's all going to work.


Check out this video explaining Jill's collaboration with Target:


Cool idea, right?

According to Target:

Using the “Merona My Look Maker” Facebook application, fans can view Jill’s calendar and create outfits for her to wear to upcoming events in May, such as her Mother’s Day Brunch, shopping with a friend, date night with her husband and an event at her daughter’s school.

In addition to styling looks for Jill, fans will also be able to view other’s creations and vote for their favorite outfit. The look receiving the most votes will be worn by Jill. The fan who styled the winning look will win a $25 Target GiftCard and the fan whose looks receive the most votes over the entire month will win a $500 Target GiftCard.

I checked out the Merona My Look Maker and it's really cool. And addictive. It's sort of like dressing a virtual paper doll.

Ladies, this is a great opportunity for you to see what target has to offer its more voluptuous shoppers-- and to see how those clothes look on a real woman.


What about you? What do you think of Target's new campaign?


Image via Target

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