Kate and William's Kiss Has Me Worried

Kate and William KissLet's begin this by saying that I LOVE Kate Middleton. LOVE her.

And Prince William seems like a right nice chap as well.

Together, Kate and William seem like they get along very well.

But watching them over the course of a few hours, I was struck by the fact that they seemed like ...



Good friends.

And their kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace sealed the deal.


When they kissed on that balcony, it lasted all of a second or two and it was pretty passionless -- this coming from someone who wants nothing more for them than eternal happiness.

Then, a couple of minutes later, it was as if William realized how that must have looked. I watched the video again this afternoon and he said something to Kate like, "Another kiss? Another? Another?" And then he leaned in and planted another one on her, sort of mechanically.

I wasn't expecting a make-out session, but come on. YOU JUST MARRIED ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ALIVE. KISS HER LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

And that's not all ...

Did you know that this marked the first time William has ever kissed Kate in public in their eight years together?


I'm hoping that their hands-off approach was simply due to being overwhelmed by protocol and large crowds and their consciousness of their role as royalty.

I really do think they love each other and have affection and concern for each other's well being.

But I just don't see that "spark" between them. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Anyone else get this vibe?

Or am I completely reading this wrong?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images

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