Tiaras on the Rest of Us Are Just Tacky

royal wedding tiaraSo, the day is here, and amidst all of the gorgeous, HD royal wedding coverage, we've finally gotten to see Kate Middleton Catherine Elizabeth Middleton Her Royal Highness (HRH) The Duchess of Cambridge's fabled wedding dress, designed by the head creative director of the House of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton. And, the verdict? Everyone is in LOVE. I am in love! The dress was the perfect hybrid of modern and traditional (a nod to the dress Grace Kelly wore in 1956).

Even though I swore up and down just days ago that ripoff versions of the dress would be repulsive, I have to say that if this design inspires others, that would be more than okay. The world could use more classy, gorgeous, lacy-beautiful creations like Kate's "frock" (adore when Piers Morgan used that word!). Of course, I also loved the 1936 Cartier halo tiara, which was Catherine's "something borrowed" on loan from Queen Elizabeth ...


The tiara, which was purchased by King George VI for the Queen Mother, was presented to the Queen by her mother on her 18th birthday, the Palace confirms. It's, as CNN reported, an amazing piece of history that Catherine wore this morning, and it was absolutely exquisite as a part of her entire ensemble. HOWEVER. That does not -- I repeat, ladies, does NOT -- mean that you must wear one on your wedding day.

Please, I beg of you!

Tiaras are not meant for us common folk marrying other common folk. Most look tasteless and tacky. Chances are you are not a cartoon starring in a Disney movie (I guess you know how I feel about those Belle or Ariel or Princess Jasmine-inspired wedding dresses, eh?), and you are not "American royalty" (bestowed with a title ... by yourself, in your own head). Also, where are you going to find a tiara that could possibly be on par with a "Cartier halo" from 1936? Surely not at your nearest Claire's!

Alright, I get that some of them look more like headbands (good) or complement that beehive updo you're trying to work. So if you gotta do it, wedding fashion experts advise to get one that's as slender, simple, and elegant as can be (you know, easy on the crystals). For instance, you could try the Diana Pearl and Crystal Tiara ($89, pictured above), which is lined with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. But, please please, whatever you do, don't wear it too close to your forehead. That look is for 5-year-olds playing dress-up, not brides on their wedding day.

Did you love Kate's accessories and tiara? Would you or did you wear a tiara on your wedding day?

Image via orangeblossomtiaras.com

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