Kate Middleton Wedding Dress: Could This Be It? (PHOTO)

Kate MiddletonThe ENTIRE WORLD is going MAD trying to guess what Kate Middleton's wedding gown will look like!

Actually, I've yet to find anyone who cares very much about the design of her dress, except for the media and maybe my neighbor down the street.

I'm sure it will be lovely. Tasteful. Fairly traditional. Just like everything else she's been seen in since announcing her engagement.

Still, the media speculation is fun, because it's a chance to look at PRETTY DRESSES.

And who doesn't like to look at pretty dresses?

So click through and check out the dress that one designer-in-the-know is just certain looks pretty much exactly like what Kate will be wearing when she heads down the aisle very early tomorrow morning (stateside time).


The designer in question is Don O'Neill, who is the creative director of THEIA and worked for Gina Fratini, who was Royal Couturier at the time of Diana's wedding. He has researched royal weddings over the last few centuries, and based on all his extensive knowledge regarding the subject, he's guessing the dress is going to look a lot like this:

Kate MiddletonDon actually designed this dress with Kate in mind.

Sorry she didn't pick yours, Don.

It's a gorgeous dress, but I don't know ... I think it's a little too simple for a royal wedding.

Getting married in a big space like Westminster Abbey requires a big dress -- one with a long train and a little more fuss. This is the only time in Kate's life that she'll be able to dress like a true fairytale princess -- and I hope she does!

What about you? What kind of dress do you think Kate will wear?


Images via nothingtoomuch1/Flickr and JS Group

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