Delusional Jessica Simpson Thinks She'll 'Out Do' Kate Middleton

jessica simpsonOh, Jessica Simpson. Every once in a while, every now and again, every few years or so, it's not about you. Like right now when it's Royal Wedding mania. See, the last few weeks -- and tomorrow especially -- it's all about Prince William and Kate Middleton. During this time, no one really cares about your second wedding. Sorry, but it's true. So, please, stop trying to make people. And don't you dare think you can show up Kate.

So, listen to this. Jessica Simpson, country/pop/whatevs star, had the audacity to say she was going to show up my girl Kate. (Yes, she's my girl now. I think if you write about someone every day for two weeks, they become your girl.) She said:

Oh, I can't wait to see what Kate’s wearing. But, I'll out-do her! Wait till you see my heels for the wedding!

I mean, seriously?


If we were a country with a queen, and it were the 1700s, she would be exiled, possibly beheaded. And I would be there watching. Who says that? That's so gross. "I'm going to out-do a princess at my -- again -- second wedding." It's so tacky. So declasse. So Jessica Simpson.

I wish that Jessica was more like Kate Hudson with her second marriage -- relaxed, chill, unassuming. K-Hud didn't even tell anyone, and here's Jessica talking about one-upping Kate Middleton. I said it once and I'll say it again, second weddings are not that big of a deal! Sorry, but they're not. You already did the dress, did the guy, bought the t-shirt. That's that. If you have a big thing for your second wedding, it's just gratuitous, egregious, and anything else that ends in an "ous."

Well, at least there's one thing we know for sure. I seriously doubt the princess-to-be heard about Jessica's asinine comment. And if she did, I'm certain she didn't care -- because she's busy getting ready for her wedding of the century! (That's wedding of the century, Jessica, wedding of the century.)

What do you think of Jessica's comments?


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