The Dress That Can Be Worn 60 Ways Goes On Sale Again!

Hayley StarrRemember the "Infinite Collection" dress by Hayley Starr? The one that can be worn 60 different ways?

After the dress was mentioned on the Today show, Hayley Starr lowered the price from $325 to $49 for one day only, and a bunch of us bought it.

It took a long time for my dress to arrive in the mail, but once it did, I tried it out and showed you the results.

Well now, for one week only, the dress is on sale again, this time for $65.

Is it worth it?

Here's what I think.


Yes! It is totally worth $65! And it's also worth the wait! (If you didn't notice from the above photo, the dress will be delivered by 6/10/11.)

I have worn my dress several times now in several different ways and gotten lots and lots of compliments. As a review, here are a few ways I've worn it:

Lindsay FerrierStrappy sundress!


Lindsay FerrierOne shoulder!


Lindsay Ferrier

Keyhole halter!


Lindsay FerrierStrapless!

Need more ideas?


Hayley StarrI'm not sure I'd buy this dress in anything other than basic black simply because you can get away with wearing it in black far more than you could with another color, but I am glad I made the purchase and, yes, I'd even pay $16 more for it if I had to do it again.

One note: I wear a size eight and I'd say it would fit up to about a size ten comfortably. Beyond that, I think your chest will be a bit much for the chest band portion of this dress. Also, it's billed as a potential maternity dress ... um. No. The hem is uneven so that you can turn it around and wear it in different directions, and with a pregnant belly, part of the dress's hem would hover dangerously near your crotch. Just sayin'.

What about you? Will you buy this Infinite Collection dress for $65?


Images via Lindsay Ferrier and Hayley Starr

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