Megan Fox Getting Rid of Tacky Tattoo

Megan FoxBehavior and acting skills aside, I think Megan Fox is gorgeous.

Her dark hair, ice blue eyes, and killer body are a pleasure to behold -- but one thing about her look has always bothered me:

It's that ridiculously enormous Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm.

It would be one thing if the tattoo were of something cool and unusual, but come on. MARILYN MONROE? In a pose that you can find emblazoned on a lighter/coffee mug/rosebud vase at any convenience store in America? Blegh.

Well, it seems that Megan has come to her senses. She's recently been seen out and about with a Marilyn tattoo that is noticeably lighter.

Is she lasering it off? I think so! Click through to see what the tattoo looks like now and tell me what you think!


Megan Fox

Yep. Here she is a couple of weeks ago, watching her husband, Brian Austin Green, compete in the 37th annual Long Beach Grand Prix pro/celebrity race.

Looks like Marilyn is on her way out.

I think this is a wise decision for Megan. It's hard to imagine her (or anyone) ever attaining A-list actress status with Marilyn Monroe emblazoned on her arm. And I've always thought it must be a b*tch to cover that thing up in all her movies and photo shoots.

Do you have a tattoo you'd like to remove? What is it, and why do you want it gone?


Images via sheksays/Flickr and Splash News

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